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I will be giving a presentation at the Library. How did they learn about this amazing story.  It all started when John and Evi contacted me.  They were also saved in Italy, along with their friend Henry.  Another story of survival! 

 They were so kind and invited me to visit.  We had a wonderful time and I discovered something!  Evi’s father was in Campagna!  He was not on “The List” date September 16, 1940 because he left Campagna at the beginning of September!  A Kansas City – Campagna Connection!  Wow!  One thing led to another – result – this wonderful event.  There is so much more I can say – more documents, more pictures…I will fill you in…

Ursual Korn-Selig will join me in Milwaukee at an event sponsored by the Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center and NIAF.  It will be held at the Italian Community Center, 631 East Chicago Street.  Milwaukee,  WI.  The event is open to the public and there is no cost.

Hello all.

I am still not very good at this blog thing…but that is another story.  What is important is to let you know that I have met more Jews who survived in Italy in the last few months.  In addition to taping their stories, I have had the privilege to obtain additional documents – documents that once again show how in most of Italy – the Jews were treated with dignity and respect.  There are also documents that show the committment Jews had to education – even in a concentration camp. 

Thank you for following this amazing story of goodness amidst evil.

I am honored to be speaking with Vincent Marmorale and 4 survivors – hidden in Italy during the Holocaust.  Please call 212-249-9923.  Reservations are required.  There is a fee of $30.00 for members and non-members.

Ursula Korn Selig will be joining me at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.  The Italian Consulate of Detroit in collaboration with The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, The International Institute, The Department of Near Eastern Studies, The Depart of Romance Languages & Literatures, The International Institute and The Dante Alighieri Society of Detroit have invited us to speak about how many Jews in Italy survived in Italy during the Holocaust.  Joining us will be Susan Langnas whose grandfather was in the same camp as Ursula’s father.

I will be speaking with Ursula Korn Selig and Walter Kleinmann, survivors in the book.  In addiiton, I will show a segment of the documentary, Italy and the Holocaust: The Hidden Story.

Video – Survivors in Their Own Words

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After years of research and emotional journeys to Italy, I was ready to tell the lost story of good amidst evil in a war-torn Italy. A story of Italian concentration camps, families torn apart and re-united. A story of survival and goodness in a World War II Italy and miraculous discoveries in the New York City area over six decades later. "It Happened in Italy" is newly published and I can't wait to tell the story.


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Our high school's World History classes participated in a distance learning program where we had the opportunity to hear this author speak about her book. Her stories and the underlying message of helping each other no matter the consequences brought tears to our eyes several times. None of us, including the World History teacher, had heard this story about the wonderful people in Italy during WWII, but we left in awe of them. - Medicine Lodge, KS

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